This achievement normally is naturally achieved by accumulating 114 stars, just enough to get the player to rank 16. The only way of ranking up is to complete missions. As the player ranks up until 15, the missions are getting slightly harder. In the end, the missions will require a fair amount of skill in order to be accomplished.

Although it is possible to skip missions for 500 to 1,500 coins each depending on the stars the mission gives, it is not recommended, as the coins earned at the start of the game are not enough and should be used in buying gadgets the player might need, or magnets for vehicles. In the case where one mission looks too hard to be accomplished, the player may skip it in order to complete the achievement faster.

Depending on the mission types, it is suggested that the player equips the most suitable gadget combinations (if available) so as to clear the requested missions faster and more efficiently.

Achievements Title
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