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Jetpack Joyride - Official Trailer

Barry Steakfries is the main protagonist in Jetpack Joyride. The story behind Jetpack Joyride is that Barry is a struggling gramophone salesman and comes across the lab of Legitimate Research where he sees a Jetpack as a way of escaping from his traditional life. Barry then breaks into the facility and steals the Machine Gun Jetpack from the Scientists, proceeding to destroy everything in his way.

On his Joyride, Barry finds Obstacles, Spin Tokens and many Coins.


He has brown eyes, hair and a shaved beard of the same colour, a tie, a shirt, pants and little dots which would be his "Five o'clock shadow". Before breaking in the laboratory he wore glasses and had sleeves, which he ripped. He is mainly seen in in-game artworks with a Machine Gun Jetpack.

You can buy and change Clothing in The Shop, along with new vehicles.


  • Barry first appeared in Age of Zombies as the main character.
  • He also appeared in Monster Dash.
  • He wears the same traditional suit in every other game.
  • When he breaks in, a sign that says "DO NOT STEAL" is seen next to the jetpack regardless of which is equipped.
    • The sign usually goes flying unless Free Ride is used and the Crazy Freaking Teleporter is obtained.
    • Barry is a wanted character as seen in the trailers promoting "gadgets." A reward is offered for 10,000,000 dollars. 
  • When Barry dies and gets a Final Blast, he will tense up while flying. This may hint that he is in fact not dead, even though he appears to be.
    • However, once he lands and slides, he will appear limp again. 
  • According to the music video "Robot Bird," Barry has also stolen Mr. Cuddles, the Profit Bird and Flash.
  • He apparently still works as a salesman despite his antics at Legitimate Research, as evidenced when he says that he has work in "Shirt Sleeves"
  • Barry, although he looks in his late 30s, is confirmed to be aged up between ages 17-20.
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