Quoteopen.JPGI know what you're thinking. "Barry, your origin's awesome! And you're incredibly attractive!" Thanks. Glad you noticed. "Where'd your jetpack come from? I wanna get one and be just like you!" Makes sence. Technically, my jetpack's borrowed. Untechnically? I stole it. But! I stole it from Legitimate industries. They're bad guys. Remember, kids: Stealing from bad guys is totally fine.Quoteclose.JPG
―Barry Steakfries[src]

Barry Steakfries is the main character and protagonist of Jetpack Joyride. Barry made his first appearance as the protagonist of Age of Zombies and has appeared in many other games developed by Halfbrick Studios since then. In Jetpack Joyride, Barry's primary goal is to run through the laboratory of Legitimate Research as far as possible, while robbing the Scientists of their inventions (namely Jetpacks, Vehicles, and Gadgets), and collecting Spin Tokens, Coins and avoiding many Obstacles on his way.



Jetpack Joyride - Official Trailer

Barry appears almost the same, as he did in his previous appearances: he has brown eyes, brown hair and a "Five o'clock shadow", wears a tie, dress shirt without the sleeves, and dress pants and is mainly seen with a Machine Gun Jetpack on his back. Despite that, players can change his in-game appearance by buying and changing his Clothing in The Shop.

In the official trailer, which serves as a backstory to the game, Barry appears as a struggling gramophone salesman, with combed hair, glasses and a dress shirt with the sleeves intact. After he breaks inside the Legitimate Research, he ditches the glasses, rips his shirt sleeves off and steals the Machine Gun Jetpack from the Scientists, making him look identical to his in-game appearance.


Jetpack Joyride

In Jetpack Joyride, Barry acts as an anti-hero. After he comes across the laboratory of Legitimate Research, he sees a Jetpack as the way to start a new life, and breaks inside the facility. The scientists deploy their security systems (obstacles) to defend themselves and their laboratory, and run frightened of Barry as he rampages throughout their lab after breaking and entering. Barry is therefore wanted by Legitimate Research as seen in the trailers promoting "gadgets." A reward is offered for 10,000,000 dollars.

Despite this, Barry and the scientists have a love-hate type of friendship or friendly-rivalry, as shown in much of Halfbrick’s official artwork and videos. Barry and the scientists will occasionally high-five each other upon passing by (in-game, as part of a mission, and in much official artwork as well). In "A Very Barry Xmas" trailer, Barry is shown helping the scientists decorate their laboratory. Barry is often shown playfully teasing the scientists (and vice-versa) in official material, cementing that no real harm is truly done to either the scientists or Barry aside from some slapstick and cartoon action.

Back to the Future Event Trailer


In this video, Barry is seen mopping the floors with Flash. Flash then points at a poster, showing auditions for the movie Back to the Future. The auditions were for the Marty McFly character, and Barry seemed interested. Thus, attempting to audition for the movie.

Barry is shown in each of the scenes, failing to get the scene right. All of these scenes reference scenes from the original movies. In one scene, Barry is shown trying to catch a truck, but fails and gets hit by a school bus. He is then shown next to Dr. Emmett Brown while the doctor controls the DeLorean Time Machine. Excited, Barry grabs the controlled and drives the vehicle around the set, only to crash it into the crew.

Barry is then shown in another scene recreation, about to be shot by Libyan terrorists. He then hides behind the van, but immediately snaps out of fear. He rips his sleeves, proceeding to attack the Libyans, forcing the director to stop Barry. Barry is shown again in another scene reference, spotting George McFly on top of a tree, admiring his love interest Lorrain. He then falls off of the tree, proceeding to get hit, while Barry was supposed to push him out of the way. Instead, he got distracted by Lorraine as well.

Barry is then shown again in another scene in the movie, trying to escape Biff by running up the car. Only to fall in and off of it. In the scene where he was intended to steal one of the kids' skateboards, he instead pushes and throws them by mistake, forgetting his intent. In the final scene, he is at the school dance scene in the movie, playing the guitar. Instead of Barry singing the song he was intended to, he started yelling while playing another song. After yelling, he smashes his guitar, then stage dives onto the crowd, expecting to be carried.

Eventually, the crew kicked Barry off of the auditions. Disappointed, Flash then points to the DeLorean Time Machine that is out in the open. Barry then looks at the viewer with a smug grin.

Barry Steakfries Rock Opera


In the "Robot Bird" music video, he is shown to be late on a date with his girlfriend, whom he explains why is he taking so long to show up, though she dumps him at the end. However, he is shown to be riding on the Profit Bird and Mr. Cuddles with Flash (all of which he stole from one of the scientists, though whether or not he stole other vehicles and gadgets is unknown.) which he has visibly more fun with.

In another music video, "Shirt Sleeves", Barry is shown have an uncontrollable "shirt ripping disease", which he had since the childhood, ripping off his shirt sleeves, usually out of pure excitement. He asks Tailor to fix his shirt multiple times, praising his work and claiming to be his "Number one client".

In the "Monster Dash" music video, Barry is shown barricading his house from monsters, while training to fight them. Barry works out, but in a lazy way. He gets distracted by many things like Rocky 4, and a fat cat in a cat door. Barry is also seen painting a portrait of himself as well. When his alarm goes off, he gets his shotgun, grabbing it, ready to fight monsters.

Jetpack Joyride Shorts


In the “Jetpack Joyride - Level 2" video, Barry's personality is more developed and quite different than it appears in the game; he is shown to be much more kindhearted and heroic. He is seen causing trouble in the Legitimate Research lab, but not hurting any of the scientists (merely scaring them). He encounters his old arch-nemesis Professor Brains in the video. Later in the short, he befriends a couple of the scientists (Craig and Steve), and forms a close friendship with the former, whom he had pulled out of some rubble from an explosion that he did not cause. 

Jetpack Joyride 2

In the sequel, Barry's personality is based on the one seen in Jetpack Joyride Shorts. His goal is to run through multiple villains' laboratories, defeating them in process.

Appearances in other video games

Age of Zombies

One of the earliest artworks of Barry from Age of Zombies

In his first ever appearance, Age of Zombies, Barry is portrayed as a parody of an action hero, who travels through different time periods to save the world from the zombie apocalypse. In the dialogue, he is shown to be adventurous and ready to jump into action whenever possible, and is often willing to help people in trouble, such as Prince Runingunin and Tanaka. In the game he is not wearing his iconic Machine Gun Jetpack, instead relying on ranged weapons (Shotgun, SMG, Grenade, etc.) to kill hordes of zombies. 

In the original PSP versions of the game, Barry occasionally uses more mature language and is never seen without a cigarette, which was bowdlerized in later versions. He is also shown to be a bit more willing to listen to people around him, as Professor Brains gets to explain his plans to Barry before the latter shoots him, while in later revisions Barry kills the Professor before the latter gets to tell his plans (Which Professor Brains wanted to explain in extremely long monologue).

Monster Dash

Barry's appearance in Monster Dash (left-2010 to 2020; right-2020 onwards)

Barry later reappears in Monster Dash, where his goal is to run as far as possible while blasting "Monsters" with ranged weapons, as well as the iconic Machine Gun Jetpack and Bad As Hog. In the 2020 update of the game, Barry was redesigned after his appearance in Battle Racing Stars, and given in-game dialogue.


Barry appears in Raskulls as one of the unlockable characters. To unlock him, player needs to reach level 10 (Zuppercutter) in Online Multiplayer mode. On the character selection screen, Barry is shown to use finger gun gesture, as a nod to his appearances in Age of Zombies and Monster Dash.

Star Skater


Quoteopen.JPGA Jetpack or Sk8board Joyride? Barry does both!Quoteclose.JPG

Barry appears as an unlockable playable character in Star Skater. He can be unlocked randomly through a capsule vending machine or as paid DLC for 1.99 USD.

Dan The Man

Barry DTM.png

See Dan The Man Wikia page on Barry Steakfries for more information.

Barry appears as a playable character in Dan The Man, available either as premium DLC, or a reward for inviting 5 friends to the game. He has a unique playstyle in comparison to other characters, such as having a short-ranged shotgun with unlimited ammunition, and slightly altered move set based around attacking enemies from both front and behind him.

Barry's storyline in Main Story and Frosty Plains is the same as the one for Dan and Custom Character (And Josie in case of Frosty Plains), with the only difference being him being the player character. Barry's only canonical appearance comes from the "Fright Zone" DLC adventure. Here, he saves Dan from a horde of invading zombies and informs him about Professor Brains invading Dan's world to unleash the undead across the kingdom. Dan and Barry team up to defeat Professor Brains once again.

Magic Brick Wars

Barry's default appearance in Magic Brick Wars

Barry appears as one of the selectable avatars in Magic Brick Wars, with his appearance from Jetpack Joyride being unlockable by connecting both games together. Several different avatars of him can be unlocked by participating in the game's season passes or by purchasing them in game's store:

  • Baywatch Barry (Beach Season)
  • Monster Hunter Barry (Spooky Season)
  • Elf Ranger Barry (Fantasy Season)
  • The Easter Bunny (Easter Season)
  • Hacker Barry (Cyberpunk Season)

Additionally, players can unlock several Barry's emotes. They can be obtained the same way, Barry's avatars are.

Battle Racing Stars

Barry's Official Artwork from Battle Racing Stars

Barry Steakfries is a starter character in Battle Racing Stars, a Halfbrick All-Star racing game. Here, he uses his Machine Gun Jetpack to boost forward (Though it causes no harm to other racers) and has four abilities:

  • Shotgun: Barry uses his shotgun to blast opponents in front of him.
  • Dynamite: Barry drops a stack of dynamite (Same dynamite that players can win from Final Spin in Jetpack Joyride) behind him, which blows up upon a contact with an opponent or after a short period of time.
  • Electroshield: Barry gains an energy force made out of zappers for a brief period of time, which he can use to attack the opponents, as well as protect himself from other racers' attacks (Level 3 and higher).
  • RPG: Barry launches 3 Missiles in the air, which aim at Barry's opponents and slow them down.

Barry plays one of the major roles in "Robotic Invention" event, where he is asked by one of the scientists to help Professor Brains to collect nuts. Barry initially refuses to help his arch nemesis, but agrees as he finds out it's for the secret new invention, later revealed to be a robot version of Zombie T-Rex. He also briefly appears in one of the cutscenes of "Colossatron's Menace" event, asking Dan if there's going to be a Stage 9 of his Web-series, with the answer being left ambiguous.

Fruit Ninja 2

While Barry makes no direct appearance in this game, all of the emotes from Magic Brick Wars (Now known as "Taunts") can be unlocked through Pineapple, Dragon Fruit or Cosmic Fruit boxes.


  • Jetpack Joyride marks Barry's fourth appearance, after Age of Zombies, Monster Dash and Raskulls.
  • When Barry is KO’d and gets a Final Blast, he will tense up while flying. However, once he lands and slides, he will appear limp again. 
  • According to "The Art of Halfbrick" book, Barry's personality was originally based on the one of Phil Lasen (former CMO of Halfbrick), retaining his brand of humor, with his name even originating from Phil's own middle name.
  • Barry has his own Vlog on the Halfbrick Studios YouTube channel.
    • Barry seems to show some sort of rivalry to Dan from Dan The Man, whenever he is mentioned or brought up in his vlogs.
      • Barry takes a look at some fanart of him saying "I hate Dan The Man." He says that he does not hate Dan, but claims they have a bit of rivalry.[1]
  • Barry as main character was said to be liked by Halfbrick employees so much, he was later included as a playable character in Monster Dash and Jetpack Joyride.
  • Barry also appears in his own comics, such as the Barry Steakfries: From The Files Of Jetpack Joyride book.
  • Barry has a skin in Minecraft along with Sensei in Skin Pack 4.
  • In Dan The Man, his shotgun is designed differently than the one he uses.
  • Barry dresses up as Abraham Lincoln in Age of Zombies in the President Evil update.

Voice Clips

Jetpack Joyride

Note: Following voice clips were recycled from Age of Zombies and Monster Dash.

Barry Hurt (1)

Barry Hurt (2)

Jetpack Joyride 2: Bullet Rush

Note: Following voice clips were recycled from Star Skater, Dan the Man and Battle Racing Stars.

Barry Hurt (1)

Barry Hurt (2)

Barry Hurt (3)

Barry Hurt (4)

Barry Limp (1)

Barry Limp (2)


Following files exist inside the game's files, but went unused. Some of these sound effects are used in Battle Racing Stars.


Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride 2: Bullet Rush

Age of Zombies

Monster Dash

Dan The Man

Battle Racing Stars

Gallery of Barry's Outfits and Costumes

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