Bling It On is an in-game event of Jetpack Joyride that lasted from September 25th, 2015 to September 28th, 2015, and was made available again from April 5th, 2016 to April 6th, 2016.

Gameplay Edit

The event featured Barry in a golden version of the Classy Suit and Top Hat, with the Golden Piggy Pack. Many coins were replaced with diamonds, with some coin groups being replaced entirely with large diamonds. The background music was replaced with an 8-bit version of itself.

During the event, all the vehicles were replaced with a golden version of itself and couldn't be changed. However, you could equip them for later on if you decided to stop playing the event and return to the classic mode of the game. The event objective was to collect Gold Ingots which unlocked a number of rewards when the required amounts were reached.

Rewards Edit

  1. Gold Top Hat
  2. Gold Classy Suit
  3. Golden Piggy Pack (if you already bought this before the event started you would have received 500 Coins instead)

Trivia Edit

  • During the event, you could not change your clothing or jetpack.
  • Flash had a small golden outline on his back during the event.
  • 1,500 coins were given along with the rewards in the April 2016 event.

Gallery Edit

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