Bone Dragon is an alternate skin for the Mr. Cuddles which was added to the game in the 2016 Halloween Event. It was also available during the 2018 Halloween Event. During the event, you could use up to three Quick Revives in each run and watch a video for a forth one which is free, plus possibly win one more through the Final Spin. Each time you came back to life you would ride the Bone Dragon while sporting the the new Devil's Costume and the Jack O Lantern Jetpack throughout the rest of the game. When equipped the background music changes to a new soundtrack which had the description: "Put the death in death metal with this epic new remix!"

It was a Level 7 award which could have been unlocked for 1700 Pumpkins. After the Halloween Event ended you could still purchase the Bone Dragon together with other Halloween Items with real money for a period of five days.

Appearence Edit

The Bone Dragon is simply the skeleton of Mr. Cuddles (just like the Skull Head and Skeleton Body being Barry's skeleton) with White Bones and evil red eyes. Like the regular Mr. Cuddles he breathes out orange flames. When he suffers a hit the Bone Dragon explodes with his bone segments flying everywhere on the screen amongst a series of smoke.

Description Edit

"Science and magic have been brought together to create an evil creation. Or one of the scientists just really likes death metal."

Trivia Edit

  • After the Halloween Event ended you can pause the game while the Bone Dragon is being loaded onto the screen to hear the new soundtrack, but the background music will not change when you are actually playing with the vehicle.
  • Unlike the other skins of Mr. Cuddles the Bone Dragon keeps its jaws shut after being equipped and only breathes out fire when you start to move it downwards. Also, unlike Mr. Cuddles the Bone Dragon does have a shadow on the ground in the from of a pointed straight line.
  • Flash doesn't sit on the head (in front of Barry) as it does for Mr.Cuddles, but it is seated right behind Barry on the Bone Dragon's backbones.
  • When equipped you can move him forward to the maximum position and see that his back half is missing (the bone segments simply end halfway which leaves a gap at the back)! This glitch is probably due to the fact that he can be moved too forward.

Gallery Edit

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