QuoteopenWhat happens if engineers get their hands on children's toys? You get the Bubble Gun Jetpack, that's what.Quoteclose

The Bubble Gun Jetpack is a green jetpack that fires bubbles when flying. It is most likely the first jetpack players will buy. Since it can't harm scientists, It's useful for missions where you must get to a certain point without harming any scientists and or without using the Machine Gun Jetpack.

Benefits Edit

This is the cheapest jetpack to buy and always available, thus the best case for doing "Buy a new item in the stash" and "Ride x meters without using the Machine Gun Jetpack". As it also doesn't harm or scare scientists, it can help you more easily complete not harming scientists and high fiving them.


  • The Bubble Gun Jetpack used to scare scientists, despite it doesn't harm them. In the later version, it no longer scares the scientists.
  • If you ride this Jetpack for a total of 10,000 meters, you will get the achievement "Foam Party".


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