Bubbles is an alternate skin for the Wave Rider, it costs 40,000 coins. It was added to the game in update 1.7.

Purchasing this skin enables the user to buy the Bath Time Barry outfit (using real money or randomly through S.A.M).

Appearence Edit

Bubbles it is a large rubber duck that Barry rides through the water. When using Flash, you have him surfing with a sponge. Using Bubbles is like being in a bathtub.

Description Edit

"When a bath overflow came into contact with unstable growth formula, Bubbles was the outcome."


  • For being a rubber duck, when you dunk for 2 or more seconds, and let him go up, Bubbles will make a "quack".
  • When you get hit, Bubbles creates a BIG "quaaaaaack". It sounds like he cries for 1 second.

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