QuoteopenSalvaged from a decommissioned F-111, this afterburner jet engine puts on one crazy showQuoteclose

Summary Edit

The Chrome Plated Afterburner spits a large fire at the bottom (while taking in air from the top), which shrinks and changes color from red to blue and then to purple with prolonged duration. It is the second most expensive jetpack after the Golden Piggy/Shark Head Pack, and sports an exclamation point sticker in addition to a fire warning. It does not kill scientists, it burns them. 

Trivia Edit

  • The change in color is due to sharp increase in temperature of the flame; as the gas is heated hotter and gas output becomes more controlled the flame shrinks to a more controlled size and burns blue with intensity.
  • The Chrome-Plated Afterburner is part of the Robo-Barry matching outfit.
  • Sale date of this jetpack is August 6 2013. More information.

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