Coins are the main currency in Jetpack Joyride. They can be used to purchase new Jetpacks, Gadgets, Clothing and Utilities. They may be also used for purchasing coin magnets for Vehicles, or golden upgrades of them. Coins may be earned with various ways.

Earning coinsEdit

The player may earn coins with the following ways:


In order for the player to earn coins (without purchasing them with money), it is required for the player to spend time into the game. The more the time the player devotes, the more the profit is. All of the aforementioned ways of earning coins excluding the last one are directly linked with playing the game and going as far as possible.

By doing further runs, the player may earn more coins, and also more spin tokens during the process. These can be used to potentially earn more rewards, or be cashed in for 50 coins each. Also, during a S.A.M. run the coins collected will be increased as coins spawn at higher rates and the patterns are worth a significant amount. Additionally, completing the daily S.A.M. Challenge may give the player coins as a reward for days 1-4.

During gameplay, the player may also complete missions which are helpful for them to level up. Doing so will reward them an amount of coins, depending on the level they completed. The formula is explained below:

200 coins per level, resetting every 15th level, meaning the maximum amount of coins rewarded for a level up is 3,000.

In game, it is best recommended to equip the Kaching gadget combination, as the Coin Magnet will attract nearby coins, which helps collect entire coin patterns, along with Gemology which replaces some coins with Gems, which are worth 5 coins each, meaning the actual profit per gem is 4 coins.

Acquiring Double Coins in a run either from the Final Spin, or buying them will help the player gather coins a lot faster. :)


  • Coins come in several patterns, shapes and even words. Some of them are hearts, triangles and the words HB (short for Halfbrick), BARRY and COINS!!!
    • Gravity Suit's coin patterns can be shown as an up and down symbol.
    • S.A.M.'s coin patterns can be a strain of DNA and the word DEFEND.
    • Back to the Future exclusive patterns can be the words HEAVY, McFly, BIFF, 88mph, 20 15, and more.
  • When coins are doubled by buying Double Coins or winning it in the Final Spin coins change to a dark-orange color.
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