DIY Jetpack Edit


QuoteopenThanks to advancements in duct tape and party supply technology, do-it-yourself jetpacks are finally a reality! Quoteclose

The DIY jetpack is a balloon strapped to your back. It has duct tape, presumably to cover up a hole.


  • It seems the balloon has an infinite amount of air inside.
  • The jetpack's name, DIY, is an acronym for 'Do it Yourself,' as referenced by the description.
  • Upon death, the balloon floats to the ceiling, instead of being thrown off Barry's body like other jetpacks.
  • The launch pad for this jetpack is simply a metal stand with a loop that the string is tied to.
  • in-game the balloon has a string, but in shop,its not tied into it.
  • the balloon is most likely powered by pulling the rope, so there is an air intake by the duct tape, wich is quikly going out of the balloon with unusual force.



DIY Jetpack in Action.

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