The Final Spin happens at the end of a game if you have collected a spin token. The more spin tokens you collect the more chances you have at winning a prize. You also have the option of cashing in whatever tokens you have left, with each token worth 50 coins.

If no tokens were acquired in the last game, it will skip the Final Spin and go straight to the overview of the last game.

Possible PrizesEdit

  • Small Blast: Blasts you about 200 meters. Icon is a stick of dynamite.
  • Big Blast: Blasts you about 300 meters. Icon is a bomb.
  • Atom Blast: Blasts you about 500 metres. Icon is a Nuclear Bomb.
  • Double Coins: Makes the next game double coins. Icon is the double coins symbol.
  • Head Start: Next game has a 750m head start. Icon is the head start symbol.
  • Second Chance: Allows you to pick up from where you left on. Icon is a heart. You cannot get more than one second chance, unless you purchase them from the Stash.
  • Extra Spins: Gives you three extra spin tokens. Icon is three spin tokens.
  • Coin Bonus: Gives you 100 coins. Icon is a single coin.
  • Coin Prize: Gives you 500 coins. Icon is three coins.
  • Coin Jackpot: Gives you 1000 coins. Icon is a stack of coins.
(Mod note: Have the odds of each potential outcome been released?)


  • Players cannot guarantee a prize from the final spin, unless of course using the "lucky last" gadget.
  • Some players have reported higher chances of winning spins when pulling the lever on the bottom light up arrow on both sides of the lever.
    • Another way is to pull the lever slowly.