QuoteopenA robot dog who collects Coins, knocks over Scientists, and burns rubber. Best friends don't come any cooler than this.Quoteclose

Flash is a Gadget released through Version 1.3.5 update on May 24, 2012, together with the Dezapinator and the Turbo Boost. This gadget, in a form of a robotic dog, helps players by obtaining Coins and Spin Tokens and occasionally knocks over Scientists.

Achievement Edit

Flash is required to earn the achievement Walkies. Walkies: Take Flash on a 10km walk. This is obtained by traveling with Flash for a total of 10,000m or 10km.


Flash receives a miniaturized version of the current Vehicle the player is using, though this is not the case with the Bad As Hog or Mr. Cuddles, where it instead hitches a ride with Barry in the aforementioned vehicles. Also note that the color of the miniaturized Vehicles change when the Golden Vehicles upgrade is applied.

  • Lil' Stomper - Flash wears a miniaturized red suit with a rocket strapped on the rear.
  • Crazy Freaking Teleporter - Flash wears a helmet that is connected to Barry's teleporter.
  • Gravity Suit - Flash wears a metallic hat similar to Barry's suit, which Flash rolls instead of going straight up or down while altering gravity.
  • Bad As Hog - Barry's chopper-style motorcycle is redone and has an added sidecar beside it for Flash to ride on.
  • Profit Bird- Flash receives a smaller version of Barry's Profit Bird, though without a windshield, is blue, it does not open its mouth, but still shoots money out the back.
  • Mr. Cuddles - Flash hitches a ride on the head portion of Mr. Cuddles. If you remain at the top of the screen, without coming down, Flash will continue running underneath Mr. Cuddles. Once you come a bit lower, he will then jump onto Mr. Cuddle's head.
  • Wave Rider - Flash balances on a small surfing board with a motorboat engine at the end. 
  • Strong Arm Machine (S.A.M.) Flash stands still as if to let you catch up, but doesn't keep walking. A short time later, he will appear to be right next to Barry in the cockpit.
  • Sleigh of Awesome - Flash wears antlers and has a red nose. This does not change his behaviour.
  • Zombie T-Rex - Flash uses the same suit he uses when Lil' Stomper is used, however, the suit is green.
  • Magnet Man - Flash uses red and blue boots.
  • Mecha Micro - Flash rides an engine version of Olympus (from Fish Out of Water).
  • Chariot of Harmony - Flash has wings.
  • Bubbles - Flash rides a sponge.
  • DeLorean Time Machine or Hoverboard - Flash does not receive any special miniaturized Vehicles, instead he just gives chase to catch up with the Vehicle being used.

Trivia Edit

  • If Flash is equipped, waiting long enough on the starting screen will result in Flash falling asleep.
  • Though Flash has the ability to get Coins and Spin Tokens, his jump height is limited, which means he cannot retrieve the collectibles higher than the middle of the screen.
  • While jumping Flash makes barking noises
  • If the player chooses to replace Flash for another gadget and would normally start another run, posters that say "Lost: Flash" with his picture on it will appear around the laboratory.
    • As the player starts more runs or goes farther, the posters will come off and eventually disappear.
    • In addition, when changing Flash for another Gadget and returning to the main screen, he will run away.
      • If Flash is replaced with the Free Ride gadget and you return to the main screen and start before he runs completely off screen, he will return in his form of the vehicle, allowing 3 gadgets to be active at one time. (note: does not work with every vehicle)
      • If you get the bad as hog as a free ride with this glitch and lose it Flash will remain as the same animation as sitting in the side car.
  • Zappers, Missiles and Lasers cannot harm or kill Flash, so he is invincible, as he appears to be standing in front of them, despite his ability to collect coins, which are in the same layer as Barry.
  • In the description, "burns rubber" doesn't mean anything at all.
    • However, "Burns rubber" could refer to what he does when the player obtains a vehicle. Or because burning rubber is a reference to quickly moving.
  • If you're riding Mr. Cuddles, and you're too high for Flash to reach, he will give chase, but won't do anything. If you take Mr. Cuddles lower, he will then jump onto it. This can be done with the Bad As Hog but this is very hard.
  • If you have Flash equipped with Flying Pig it will make a gadget combo called Odd Couple.
  • If Flash is equipped with Nerd Repellent, it will make a gadget combo called Not So Lonely.
    • Flash may also be seen kicking around tumbleweed as if he were playing with it if Nerd Repellent is equipped.
  • He is similar to Rush, Megaman's loyal pet dog.
  • Flash is also similar to Goddard from Jimmy Neutron, in that they are both robots that resemble dogs, but this can also relate to Erek King the android from the book series Animorphs, although he can turn into a human.
  • In the main screen, if you wait some time, you can notice some of the scientists being scared and some others run away from Flash.
  • Flash's description calling him a "best friend" may be a refrence to the phrase "man's best friend" which is used when talking about dogs.
  • When you die Flash will either walk up and stand still, inanimate, as if he is sad; fall asleep beside you or stand there looking to the left, as if he can't bare to see the death of his master.
  • Flash appears in the shirt sleeves video which introduced the Barry's Stitched Up suit clothing item.
  • If you get a revive as a prize for slots Flash will also rise up and "get put back together" just like Barry.
  • In rare cases, after being destroyed in a vehicle, Flash's leg will smoke as if damaged by the explosion. This does not effect his movement in anyway, and the smoke disappears when the player obtains a new vehicle until it is destroyed. From then on until the player is defeated, Flash's leg will release a light amount of smoke.
  • Flash used to cost 15000 coins and was a tier 6 gadget, but this has been changed in a recent update to 7000 coins and a tier 1 gadget.
  • In older versions of the game, Flash used to be in the last Gadget section.
  • The naming of Barry and Flash could be a reference to The Flash's secret identity is Barry Allen.[1]

Special Gadget CombinationsEdit

  • Combine with Nerd Repellant for Not So Lonely.
  • Combine with Flying Pig for Odd Couple.
  • Add with nothing for Flash. May glitch and call it the last gadget used.
  • Combine with Gemology for Petty Cash

Gallery Edit

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