QuoteopenThis highly-unstable coin transporter was designed by a scientist with a particular fondness for physical comedy.Quoteclose

This gadget makes some Flying Piggys appear randomly. There can be gems if the Gemology gadget is active and Double Coins if the player achieved the Double Coins on the slot.

How it works: Sometimes, on the track flying yellow piggies appear. You can tell a pig is approaching as you see coins on the ground, being dropped by the pig. Wait a little and it will appear. Coins that come out from the pig this way may also be Gems if Gemology is activated. When a pig has been destroyed it will deploy a small amount of coins, which fall and bounce on the ground immediately after.

Breaking the pig: Piggies can usually be broken by touching them, though there are other ways to break them. If a missile touches the pig, it will explode behind the player and it is very difficult to collect any coins from it. When using the laser jetpack, if the pig is struck by the laser, it will break, making this jetpack very useful when you need to break pigs.


  • GLITCH: if two pigs appear side-to-side and you get one and miss another,that pig will explode at the end of the screen (usually at a zapper).

Special Gadget CombinationsEdit

Related AchievementsEdit

Crackling - Blow up a flying pig with a missile.

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