Flying V Jetpack

Flying V Jetpack

Harms Scientists: No

Scares Scientists: Yes


Quoteopen6 strings, 2 humbuckers, 22 frets. Goes to 11.Quoteclose

The Flying V Jetpack is one of the new jetpacks in the 1.5 Update of the game. The Flying V is an electric guitar which looks like a upside down 'V'. The jetpack is actually an upside down red and white Gibson Flying V. The jetpack fires flares and lightning with music notes fading quickly, and once tapped (fires jetpack) it would make an electric guitar sound. Every time you fire the jetpack, the sound is unique.


  • Although it fires lightning, the scientists are not harmed. When the lightning hits the ground it creates sparks.
  • This is the fourth most expensive jetpack.
  • The description references many guitar terms:
    • The guitar has 6 strings, which is what makes the familiar sound of an electric guitar.
    • A Humbucker consists of 2 coils that negate interference.
    • A Fret is a metal piece that raises a line of the guitar's neck, usually to help play notes or chords more accurately.
    • 'Goes to 11' is a reference to the movie This is Spinal Tap.
    • It's a Fender.



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