The Free Ride is one of the gadgets in Jetpack Joyride. When used, the player gets a free vehicle picked at random at the start of a run, as well as after collecting a Boost.


QuoteopenStop off at the motor pool before smashing through the laboratory wall. Why didn't Barry think of this earlier?Quoteclose


Another Way InEdit

Acquired when the player teleports inside the building with the Crazy Freaking Teleporter.


  • When the player gets the vehicle at the start of the game, they do not pick up the Jetpack. Instead, they fly over it.
  • If you get a Head Start while with Free Ride equipped, once your head start is finished a Vehicle Block will immediately spawn a distance in front of you, often after some zappers.
  • If the Machine Gun Jetpack is equipped, a player can still get objectives that say "Reach X number of meters without using the Machine Gun Jetpack", by using the Free Ride gadget and travel the required number of meters without losing the vehicle they obtained in the start.
  • No matter how many times a player does a retry with this equipped, they're guaranteed to have the same vehicle again. A different vehicle will be selected randomly again once the game ends or restarts. (Note: This fact is quite useful for completing achievements such as "Travel 700m in a vehicle in a single run. Once you are starting with the necessary vehicle, if you die before reaching the required distance, pause, quit and restart to try again.)
  • The reason why this gadget takes up a slot doesn't coincide with the tooltip, as it suggests that Barry didn't "think of this earlier", and unlike other gadgets, would just be an idea instead of an actual device.


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