" A single blingification technique that converts coins into high-value gems. For some reason it only works on coins minted in 1985 "

- Description

Gemology is a Gadget introduced through the Update 1.3 released on April 26, 2012. This gadget turns random coins into high-valued gems. Its icon is a picture of a octagonal-shaped ruby, a type of gemstone.

Mode Coins value Gemology Gems value
Regular game 1 5
Next Run Double prize 2 10
Counterfeit Machine 2 10


  • Gems can be dropped by the Flying Piggy either while flying or after being destroyed.
  • The gems can be collected by Coin Magnet.
  • Combining this with the Coin Magnet (Kaching) can be helpful for earning money faster. This benefit is further increased when Next Run Double or the Counterfeit Machine is enabled.

Special Gadget CombinationsEdit

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