QuoteopenPowered by firing 1928 issue $1000 bills, this jetpack is probably the most wasteful machine ever createdQuoteclose

The Golden Piggy Pack is the rarest jetpack available at The Stash. As the name should imply, this jetpack is a golden piggy with an embossed dollar sign and purple gem eyes. When used, it fires banknotes from its back. If you are equipped with this on a vehicle, scientists will continue to chase Barry. Though this jetpack may be valuable, it can distract you from gameplay, as several scientists are chasing you at once. It was released on Friday, February 7th, priced at 75,000 on Android, and 100,000 on iOS.



  • This jetpack makes the chances of encountering coins, tokens, and vehicles more likely (observation).
  • The Golden Piggy Pack originally costed 50,000 coins, but was raised to 100,000... then it was lowered back to 50,000. In July 2014, it was on sale for 37,500 coins (25% off). The price is now 75,000 coins. Also try a date of July 9, 2013 to see the sale.
  • 1928 was during the Roaring Twenties, an era in which the stock market was expanding. This period is notorious for people wasting money (and getting into debt) for "average" conditions.
  • This jetpack helps with high five scientist missions by causing scientists to run towards you. Tap the screen to trigger the chase which helps to reach the number of scientists to high five quicker. The scientists only chase after the bills, so don't wear the Air Barrys, and just 'skip' along the ground to keep releasing money.
    • As of 1.6.1, the jetpack no longer had this effect.
      • But in 1.7.0 the effect has been put back.
  • Vehicles can attract scientists even if you are sporting the piggy pack but it is out of sight while riding a vehicle.
  • (Note: different editor) This pack can be obtained at bling level 3 for 350 gold bars in the 2016 April 10 event "Bling it on" with 2 other coin prizes.

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