In-App Purchases are features or add-ons to a game that can be bought with real world money. These can include anything from more in-game money to additional levels to a new type of currency that can only be aquired through these type of purchases.

Types of In-App PurchasesEdit

But as for Jetpack Joyride, there are only two types of In-App Purchases:

  • Doubles all coins collected
  • Adds a set amount of money with no work required.


There is only one in-app purchase that is under this category:


The Counterfeir Machine, which can be bought for $4.99 (it previously was $0.99 then $1.99 and now is $4.99)

With the Counterfeit Machine, you receive 2x coins in all occasions, even when using the Final Spin Prize Double Coins.

Sleigh of AwesomeEdit

The Sleigh of Awesome is the first DLC vehicle in the game. It costs £2.99, and is only available to buy during December. However, when you do buy it, you have it permanently. Still availible as of February 21st.


The remainder (5) of the In-App Purchases all give you a set amount of coins for real money. They include:


The Coin Booster Pack, which can be bought for $1.99, and gives you 20,000 coins.


The Coin Mega Pack, which can be bought for $3.99, and gives you 50,000 coins.


The Coin Ultra Pack, which can be bought for $5.99, and gives you 100,000 coins.


The Coin Barry Pack, which can be bought for $9.99, and gives you 250,000 coins.


The Coin Ultimate Pack, which can be bought for $29.99, and gives you 1,000,000 coins.

There is also an option to Like Halfbrick on Facebook, follow them on Twitter or subscribing to them on Youtube. These are all free of charge, and doing so gives you 1000 coins each.