Jetpack Joyride Tips for easy 6500m high score

Jetpack Joyride Tips for easy 6500m high score

Tips for Jetpack Joyride

This page is dedicated to tips in Jetpack Joyride.


  • Don't use a jetpack that has rapid fire, such as the Machine Gun Jetpack or the Shark Head Jetpack, it will disorientate you.
  • Try to prepare at least 1 Quick Revive and Final Blast as a backup.
  • Focus mainly on the right side of the screen in order to avoid Zappers and Missiles more easily.
  • Due to the expensive price of Quick Revive, consider using only one Quick Revive, when you are about to reach at least seventy-five percent of your high-score.
  • You should purchase a Quick Revive 5-Pack rather than a single Quick Revive, due to the price per Quick Revive decrease when purchased in bulk.
  • You should not collect Spin Tokens that give you a chance of dying. Remember: no token is worth dying for.
  • You can, however, attempt to attain Vehicles regardless of the circumstances, as they carry significant benefits if attained.
  • Buy the Coin Magnets for the Vehicles.
  • Do not purchase Coins: you should buy Counterfeit Machine that will double all coins you have got in the run (even from Final Spin). If you will combine it with Double Coins prize from the Final Spin, every coin that you will collect will worth 4 times as much.
  • Use Gravity Belt for long runs.
  • Do not spend money on Clothing
  • The best Gadgets to use are Flash,X ray specs and Magnetic Tokens.
  • Do not give up! Remember: we all were novices.