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Welcome to the Jetpack Joyride Wiki. Here you can find all information needed about this application. The information available to you on this wiki ranges from jetpacks to obstacles to vehicles. Please help out the Community anyway you can from suggesting updates on blogs or adding pages, redirects, or related pictures. Please make sure any information added is reliable and appropriate. This wiki is regularly updated and will keep up on any new updates that may be released in the future. For additional information, please visit the Jetpack Joyride page, which gives stats, facts and a synopsis of the game or the version history page to see the most recent release versions of the game.


Jetpack Joyride is a multi-platform endless running game developed by Halfbrick Logo.png. In this game, you play as Barry Steakfries, a down-on-his-luck gramophone salesman. He stumbles upon a "top-secret" lab full of scientists testing jetpacks. He then breaks into the facility and steals the machine gun jetpack. This is where the game begins for the player.


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