Jetpacks are Barry's main method of transportation. Some of these jetpacks can be bought in the Stash, while others come from bundles and events.

List of Jetpacks available from the Stash
Machine Gun Jetpack Icon
Machine Gun Jetpack

"Original and the best. The machine gun jetpack."

Bubble Gun Jetpack:

"What happens when engineers get their hands on children's toys? You get the bubble gun jetpack, that's what."

DIY Jetpack
DIY Jetpack:

"Thanks to advancements in duct tape and party supply technology, Do-It-Yourself jetpacks are finally a reality!"

Traditional Jetpack:

"Sometimes you have to get back to your roots: the traditional jetpack will please the old schoolers."

Teddy Jetpack
Teddy Jetpack:

"Sometimes even the most hardend and experienced heroes need a hug from their teddy bear. Powered by love."

Steam Powered Jetpack:

"Created with parts salvaged from a retired steam train, industrial age technology finally gets airborne!"

Leaf Blower Jetpack
Leaf Blower Jetpack:

"Who has the time for yard work anyway? With the leaf blower jetpack you can kill two birds with one stone."

Fruit Jetpack:

"Unleash your inner zen, and harness the power of fruit! This jetpack was carefully carved into life by a mysterious ninja."

Blast Off Jetpack:

"When you think about it, a jetpack is really just a tiny little rocket that you wear on your back."

Deck the Halls Jetpack:

"Christmas tree jetpack that shoots baubles and tinsel. Grab this festive jetpack and spread good tidings and mayhem all over the place."

Laser Jetpack:

"Strapping a harness to a stonen lazer was surprisingly easy. Not burning your pants while flying is a tricky part."

Red Barry
Red Barry:

"An old war relic which shrunk after accidentally being put in the wash. All the other planes turned pink."

Beehive Jetpack 2
Beehive Jetpack:


Snow Machine Jetpack:

"Punk kids throwing snowballs at you and laughing? Strap in and rain down freezing revenge in this especially cool jetpack."

Party Jetpack
Party Jetpack:

"New breakthroughs in party-ology meant we could condense an entire party into a jetpack sized package."

Water Jetpack:

"A misgided attempt to build a high speed gardening machine led to creation of the water jetpack. Great for watering your rose garden.

Angel Wings:

"Ascend gracefully with these mechanised wings. The halo just completes the look."

Chrome Plated Afterburner:

"Salvaged from decomissioned F-111, this afterburner jet engine puts on one crazy show."

Helicopter Jetpack
Helicopter Jetpack:

"Barry had his eye on this one since he was just a kid."

Big Bertha
Big Bertha:

"The cause of the lab's never-ending milkshake supply"

Cloud Machine
Cloud Machine:

"Powered by light, strawberry flavoured clouds of vapour."

Flying V Jetpack
Flying V Jetpack:

"6 strings. 2 humbuckers. 22 frets. Goes to 11."

Twister jetpack
Twister Jetpack:

"Rated at F3 on the fujita scale, this jetpack is capable of relocating an entire house over the rainbow."

Shark Head Jetpack:

"Converted from a classic warplane, the shark head jetpack proves you cannot have too many sharks in your life."

Rainbow Jetpack:

"The latest in rainbow harnessing technology, the rainbow jetpack defies physics with style."

Gold Plated Shark Head Jetpack:

"The shark head jetpack just got a whole lot shinier. And heavier. And less practical."

Golden Piggy Pack:

"Powered by firing 1928 issue $1,000 bills, this jetpack is probably the most wasteful machine ever created."

Gold Platinum MGJP
Gold Platinum MGJP:

"The original is still the best. Unless, of cource, it's an even better version of the original."

Random Jetpack
Random Jetpack:

"Randomly picks one of the jetpacks you already own every game."

List of event/bundle exclusive Jetpacks
Amped Up '85 Guitar Jetpack
Amped Up '85 Jetpack:

"With this guitar and 1.21 gigawatts of electricity you can too invent rock and roll!"

Available from Back to the Future Event.

Firecracker Jetpack
Firecracker Jetpack:

"Strap yourself in, hold on tight, and start the year with a bang. Evil spirits be gone!"

Available from Chinese New Year Event.

Flamethrower Jetpack
Flamethrower Jetpack:

"Salvaged from the remains of a great chinese dragon. Fireproof pants sold separately."

Available from Chinese New Year Event.

Golden Rainbow jetpack
Golden Rainbow Jetpack:

"No unicorns were harmed during the making of this jetpack. At least we hope so anyway."

Available from Saint Patrick's Day Event.

Pot O Gold Jetpack
Pot O' Gold Jetpack:

Available from Saint Patrick's Day Event.

Sir Einhorn
Sir Einhorn:

"A once noble unicorn... Until Barry discovered he farted rainbows."

Available from Saint Patrick's Day Event.

Faerie Wings
Faerie Wings:

Available from Saint Patrick's Day Event.

Carrot blender
Carrot Blender:

"Contains Barry's secret detox blend. Also highly volatile."

Available from Easter Event.

Eggceptional Jetpack
Eggceptional Jetpack:

Available from Easter Event.

4th of July Jetpack
4th of July Jetpack:

"What better way to celebrate independence than with a rocket filled with fireworks strapped to your back?"

Available from the 4th of July Bundle.

Monty the Macaw
Monty the Macaw:

"It's a bird! It's a plane! Wait.... We were right the first time!"

Available from Pirate Event.

Kraken Jetpack
Kraken Jetpack:

"What's kraken-a-lackin?"

Available from Pirate Event.

JOL Jetpack
Jack O Lantern Jetpack:

"Firing candy at ground is sure to slow the scientists down. And make the floor sticky."

Available from Halloween Event.

Bleeding Heart
Bleeding Heart:

"The result of cutting edge research in cornstarch and red dye technology."

Available from Halloween Event.

Demon Wings
Demon Wings:

"Escape the lab like a bat out of hell!"

Available from Halloween Event.

Roasted Turkey Jetpack
Roasted Turkey Jetpack:

"Powered by roast vegetables and a never-ending supply of gravy."

Available from the Thanksgiving Bundle.

Snowglobe Jetpack
Snowglobe Jetpack:

"Because 'blizzard in a bottle' was too cliché"

Available from Christmas Event.

Sanitiser Jetpack
Sanitiser Jetpack:

"Wash your hands for 20 seconds or blast them once with this high pressure foam dispenser, the choice is yours!"

Available from Hygiene Event.

Heavy Machine Gun Jetpack
Heavy Machine Gun Jetpack:

"How do you improve on the classic machine gun jetpack? Add more bullets!"

Available from Metal Slug Crossover Event.

Flame Shot Jetpack
Flame Shot Jetpack:

"Apply to affected area, and watch your problems melt away!"

Available from Metal Slug Crossover Event.

Rocket Launcher Jetpack
Rocket Launcher Jetpack:

"Sit back in your lawn chair and relax while these rockets do all the work for you."

Available from Metal Slug Crossover Event.

Laser Cannon Jetpack
Laser Cannon Jetpack:

"Salvaged from the wreckage of the fearsome Tetsuyuki, this cannon is still fully operational and capable of wrecking destruction."

Available from Metal Slug Crossover Event.

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