Lasers are an obstacle whose beam projectors appear on both sides of the screen, and the beam is fired in between the projectors, usually lasting for about five seconds. There are very many unique laser patterns, and they can even move up and down. Because of this variation, dodging lasers can be very difficult, especially in the later area, because there are more lasers and they seem to activate faster.


  • Lasers will not appear when you are riding a vehicle.
  • No Zappers, Coins or Missiles will appear when you ride through lasers.
    • Sometimes, one (or rarely, more) Scientist(s) will still be there when there are lasers and will be killed.
  • When Flash appears to run into a laser, he takes no damage.
  • The Flying Pig will not be destroyed when it flies through lasers.
    • However, the Flying Pig will be destroyed when touching the zap of the Laser Jetpack.
  • The Laser Jetpack uses the Laser firing mechanism are a propulsion device.
    • It is implied that Barry stole a laser from the lab to use as a Jetpack also unlike the obstacle it doesn't require a charging phase.
  • Bug: The sound of the Laser will sometimes be continuous.
  • Bug: If the game is paused while the lasers are warming up, they still move. This does not occur in the most recent update for the iOS Version
  • The preparation sound resembles a camera's.
  • There are no missions or gadgets related to lasers.
  • What makes up for it’s weak ability, lasers are solid, and can take down a Shielded Barry this way. Zaps and Rockets can be passed with the Shield, but the laser allows no Shield passing.


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