The laser jetpack is essentially a part of the laser beam obstacles that appear throughout the level attached to a strap to form a jetpack. It fires a continuous powerful red laser that seems to kill scientists unfortunate enough to be caught in its path.


  • This jetpack is one of the four jetpacks that can burn scientists, along with the Chrome Plated Afterburner, the Blast Off Jetpack, and Traditional Jetpack.
    • Unlike the Traditional Jetpack and Chrome Plated Afterburner, however, the Laser Jetpack appears to kill the scientists as they are knocked over and lie still upon contact with the laser, similarly to how Barry gets fried when he touches a regular laser obstacle.
    • If this is burning a group of scientists, it will only affect one scientist.
  • This jetpack can smash the Flying Pig should the laser come into contact with it.

Damage Edit

The damage that can cause to the scientists is by burning them, similar to the Traditional Jetpack, Chrome Plated Afterburner, and the Blast Off Jetpack, but the scientists flip over and die after being burned.


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