A License to ThrillA Man, My SonAchievements
Air BarrysAlley-Oop AfroAlpha Charlie Echo
Amped Up '85 Guitar JetpackAngel WingsAngelic Hair
Angry WingsAnother Way InAquatic Room
Back to the FutureBad As HogBadges
Barry's HeadBarry's Stitched Up SuitBarry's Suit
Barry SteakfriesBeehive JetpackBig Spender
Black Trench CoatBlast Off JetpackBling It On!
Blinged OutBomber JacketBone Dragon
BoostBubble Gun JetpackBubbles
BullseyeCaloundra RSLCash Dash
Celtic TeleporterChariot of HarmonyChinese Dragon
Chrome Plated AfterburnerClass ActClass act
Classy SuitClothingCloud Nine
Clown FaceClown ShoesCoin Magnet
CoinsColossatronComeback Cheat
Counterfeit MachineCowboy SpursCrackling
Crazy Freaking SkillsCrazy Freaking TeleporterCut & Run
DIY JetpackDJ BarryDJ Headphones
DeLorean Time MachineDeck the HallsDevilish Suit
DezapinatorDiamondDoc Emmett Brown Head
Doctor Emmet Brown HeadDoctor Emmett Brown BodyDouble Coins
Dragon FruitEaster EggsEzy-Dodge Missiles
FalloutFinal BlastFinal Spin
FlashFlowery LeiFlux Capacitors
Flying GogglesFlying PigFlying Piggy
Flying V JetpackFoam PartyFor Science
Fragger FatiguesFragger HelmetFree Ride
Freeze-O-MaticFruitFruit Jetpack
Fuzzy LocksGadgetsGemology
GemsGermaphobeGods head
Gold DiggerGold Plated Shark Head JetpackGold Platinum MGJP
Golden CuddlesGolden Piggy PackGood Work, Muscat
Good Work, SierraGood Work, WoodyGrass Skirt
Gravity BeltGravity SuitGreen Eggs and Ham
Green MohawkHalfbrickHalfbrick Studios
Halloween EventHappy SnapHazmat Helmet
Hazmat SuitHead StartHeartbreak Hair
Helicopter JetpackHelmet-a-tronHigh Noon Hat
High RollerHigh SectorsHippy
Honest PhilHover HogHoverboard
Hygiene EventInsta-BallJack O Lantern Jetpack
Jailhouse JacketJames Who?Jetpack Joyride
Jetpack Joyride/TipsJetpack Joyride 1.3Jetpack Joyride Wiki
JetpacksJungle RoomJust a Little Further
KachingKingly CrownKnight Helmet
Lab CoatLaserLaser Jetpack
Laser ScreenLast Badge of CollectionLeaf Blower Jetpack
Legitimate ResearchLil' ChomperLil' Stomper
Lucky LastMachine Gun JetpackMagnet Man
Magnetic TokensMake UpMarathon
Mecha MicroMedieval ArmourMild Missiles
MissileMissile JammerMission Complete Pass
MissionsMix 'N' MatchMix 'n' Match
Mr. CuddlesNerd GlassesNerd Repellant
Ninja MaskNinja OutfitNot So Green
ObstaclesPaper BagParty Jetpack
PhonographPowered Up HairPretty Woman
Profit BirdPunk OutfitPurple Dress
Quick ReviveRainbow JetpackRandom Jetpack
RankRank 1-LearnerRed Barry Jetpack
Red Scientist BaseRejectedRoad Trip
Robo-BarryRocket TimeRomeo Alpha Delta
Royal RobesS.A.M. PrizesS.A.M. tokens
Safety HelmetSailor's CapSailor's Uniform
Santa HatSanta SuitScientists
Secret AchievementsSector 1Sector 10
Sector 16Sector 2Sector 3
Sector 4Sector 5Sector 6
Sector 7Sector 8Sector 9
Sectors 11+Sensei's HeadbandSensei's Threads
Shark Head JetpackShieldSkeleton
Skeleton BodySkull HeadSleigh of Awesome
Snow Machine JetpackSpecial Gadget CombinationsSpice of Life
Spin TokenSpin TokensSteam Powered Jetpack
Storage RoomStrong Arm MachineStrong Arm Tactics
Super Head StartSuper SuitSymbol
Teddy JetpackTee Hee TwoThe Barry Box
The ShopThree Point ThreadsToastie
Token GiftTop HatTraditional Jetpack
Turbo BoostTwister JetpackUtilities
Vehicle PickupsVehicle SkinsVehicles
Version HistoryVeteranViking Outfit
Volcanic LabWalkiesWater Jetpack
Wave RiderWhoa HairWolf Body
Wolf HeadWonder TiaraWooden Barrel
Work ClothesX-Ray SpecsZapper
Zappy BirdZombie BodyZombie Head
Zombie T-Rex
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