Missiles are an obstacle that will yeet on Barry from the side of the screen, and gives the player about 1-2 seconds to react the missile's position. The time decreases as you get further. Missiles will kill you on contact, and will destroy any vehicle you're riding instantly, with the exception of the Strong Arm Machine (S.A.M.), which takes three missiles to destroy.

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  • Have a near miss with x missiles in one run.
  • Have a near miss with x missiles.

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  • The missiles can come out anytime, except when Barry flies through lasers or is riding Bad As Hog.
  • The missile will follow Barry, but when it is about to launch, it will stop following him and stay in the most recent position it was in.
  • A missile's speed will increase as you go further into more sectors.
  • If the missile breaks the Flying Pig, the achievement "Crackling" will be earned if you did it the first time.
  • Missiles cannot kill Flash.
  • They are frozen by the DeLorean.

The Missile Swarm

Missile SwarmEdit

Occasionally, five or more missiles will spawn in under two seconds. When this happens, it's a good idea to stay at the bottom or top, and then fly to the other side when the missiles start launching. When this happens, missiles may shoot over the roof or floor.


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