Former descriptionEdit

QuoteopenReplaces the missile guidance program with pictures of kittens downloaded from the Internet. Only works if the kittens are particularly cute.Quoteclose

Current descriptionEdit

QuoteopenThis gadget causes missiles to malfunction at an astonishingly high rate. Better yet, the scientists have no idea Barry is to blame for it!Quoteclose


The Missile Jammer is a Gadget that was introduced in Update 1.3 on April 26, 2012. This gadget makes random Missiles detonate by themselves, rendering some missiles harmless. The icon is a picture of a partly destroyed red missile.

Special Gadget CombinationsEdit


  • Just like the Dezapinator, the Missile Jammer is not guaranteed to work all the time.
  • This item does not affect any Vehicles, except for the Strong Arm Machine (S.A.M.), but in an unusual way;
  • Using the Missile Jammer together with S.A.M is the simplest way to complete missions "Have a near miss with x missiles in one game". The detonation of the malfunctioned missiles is counted as a Near Miss as long as the arm of S.A.M. was in a position of deflecting the missile.

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