Mr. Cuddles is one of the various vehicles in Jetpack Joyride. He is a large robotic dragon, with green plates, a tan jaw, and red protrusions jutting from each segment of his back.


Mr. Cuddles moves upwards in a slower waving pattern and pressing the screen makes him move downward. This also makes him breathe fire, which could burn scientists. Barry rides him between the two horns atop Cuddles' head.

When Flash is equipped, he jumps and rides on the nose of Mr. Cuddles.

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Vehicle UpgradesEdit

Mr. Cuddles:

"Who wouldn't want to snuggle up with a giant mechanical fire breathing dragon?"

Golden Cuddles
Golden Cuddles:

"Mr. Cuddles just got a whole lot more cuddly. And golden. Actually, come to think of it, mostly just golden."

Bone Dragon
Bone Dragon:

"Science and magic have been brought together to create an evil creation. Or one of the scientists just really likes death metal."


"The scientists enjoyed playing Colossatron on their phones so much that they decided to make an exact 1/4 scale replica!"

Chinese Dragon
Chinese Dragon:

Perform your very own dragon dance with this legendary symbol of Chinese folklore!"

Frost Wyvern
Frost Wyvern:

"Mr Cuddle's cold shouldered cousin. Now comes with a built-in seat warmer."

Cloud Nine
Cloud Nine:

"The previous 8 cloud prototypes just weren't up to standard. Powered by Halfbrick profile!"

Mr Sluggles
Mr. Sluggles:

"When tanks and bullets just aren't enough... use dragon fire."

Dragon Magnet
Dragon Magnet:

"Even giant robot dragons need a little bit of help! Awww Mr. Cuddles, you are so cute!"


  • Mr. Cuddles has traits of both European- and Chinese-style dragons.
  • Mr. Cuddles has no shadow until he is destroyed.
  • In the early vesions of the game, a text "Waking Mr. Cuddles" would appear on the loading screen, which suggests that he sleeps (cuddles) while not in game.
  • The full body of Mr. Cuddles can be seen in the Youtube video Jetpack Joyride Rock Opera - Robot Bird. The video also stated that Mr. Cuddles was originally designed for "High altitude welding" but instead caused the test plane to crash which knocked down the two Scientists hovering in a floating vehicle nearby.

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