QuoteopenThis patent-pending formula is so potent that the whole laboratory had to be abandoned.Quoteclose

Nerd Repellant is a gadget which closes the whole laboratory, and gives it an abandoned appearance. There are no scientists, tumbleweeds roll on the ground, and the red flashing lights turn off. It also makes some door lights flicker and some of the doors have cobwebs on them and some of the lights flicker on and off. Although it is often overlooked due to its seemingly aesthetic use, it can be useful, for example, if the player wants to avoid scattering or touching any scientists when, for example, one of the challenges is to avoid harming any scientists for X meters and the player wants to use the Machine Gun Jetpack or vehicles (maybe to do a vehicle challenge simultaneously). It is especially helpful when trying to get the "Germaphobe" achievement, where you must travel 2 km without touching any coins, scientists or spin tokens, which can be very difficult to get without Nerd Repellant. Otherwise, it's effects are mainly aesthetic, and provides a change from the normal scenery. Also, it makes some missions impossible, such as "High Five 75 Scientists" or "Crush 25 Scientists With Lil' Stomper".

Special Gadget Combinations:

  • Combine with X-Ray Specs for Nothing to See Here.
  • Combine with Flash for Not So Lonely
  • Combine with Free Ride for Disaster Averted

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