"Used to dodge Missiles in super slow motion. A high risk, high reward power-up!"

Rocket Time is a power-up that destroys any active obstacles and slows down gameplay. During Rocket Time, purple Missiles are spawned in waves with different formations and angles. Each missile has a chance to create a trail of Gems behind it, and if the player survives Rocket Time, they are rewarded with a selection of vehicles.

If the player is hit by a rocket during Rocket Time, all active rockets will despawn and the player will fail Rocket Time. The player will not die when hit by a rocket during Rocket Time. Having the Shield equipped when getting hit will not disable Rocket Time, but the shield will disable if it has reached its maximum amount of hits.

Upgrades Edit

Level Cost Gem Trail Chance Vehicles
1 1,000 6% 1
2 3,500 8% 2
3 12,000 10% 2
4 30,000 10% 3
5 75,000 14% 3
6 150,000 14% 4
7 250,000 18% 4
8 350,000 18% 5
9 450,000 22% 5
10 550,000 22% 6

Trivia Edit

  • It takes a total of 1,871,500 Coins to fully upgrade Rocket Time.
  • The missiles can hit and burn Scientists.
  • Although unconfirmed, as this powerup gets upgraded, more missiles will spawn which the player will have to dodge, as well as dodging time.
  • Having a near miss with these missiles counts towards missions.
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