The scientists in the Gadget Testing videos.

Scientists are the main antagonists in Jetpack Joyride. Though rather enigmatic, the scientists working at Legitimate Research are not evil or villainous, but neutral antagonists who merely defend themselves from Barry’s violent intrusions into their laboratory. The scientists are involved in a few missions as well.

The scientists are NPCs, used for aesthetic purposes. Despite not directly affecting Barry, they activate the lasers, missiles and zappers to stop Barry and defend themselves and their lab. Like Barry, they themselves can also be harmed and/or KO’d by these things, including the Jetpacks and Vehicles.

The Scientists themselves pose no threat to Barry whatsoever.



A scientist (average shape)

The scientists come in variations:

  • Gas Mask:
    • Fat

      A chubby scientist

    • Tall
    • Average
  • Clear Visor:
    • Fat
    • Tall
    • Average
  • Android Mascot (exclusively available to Android devices)
    • Average

The scientists come in many shapes, and can be short, tall, thin, and fat. They all wear hazmat suits, and may have either a clear visor or gas mask over their heads, so their faces are never seen. Their gloves can be either yellow or blue in colour.


The scientists flee in terror for their lives from most jetpacks, which have the potential to either scare or harm them, with the exception of a select few that pose entirely no scare-factor or harm to them.

These Jetpacks neither frighten nor harm the scientists:

Some jetpacks frighten the scientists, yet do not harm them in any way.


Scientists are affected by the following Gadgets:

  • Nerd Repellant: clears the lab of all scientists, leaving only tumbleweeds in their place.
  • X-Ray Specs: Barry can "leer" at the scientists to see a humorous visual effect of them in their underwear.
  • Freeze-O-Matic: freezes them solid if Barry passes them while frozen.
  • Flash: may be knocked over by him as he jumps at them.

Missions and ChallengesEdit

The scientists are featured in a few missions, in which the player must either:

  • High-five a certain number of (unharmed) scientists by simply walking past them in gameplay.
  • Reach a certain distance without harming any scientists.

They are featured in two challenges:

  •  Germophobe: You must run 2,000 meters without touching coins, tokens or scientists.
  • For Science: Knock over (KO) 1,000 scientists.


In-Game SpritesEdit

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