The Sleigh of Awesome is the first DLC vehicle in Jetpack Joyride. It was made especially for the Christmas holidays, and, as such, was available for a limited time only (until 1/1/2015 0:00). Players were able to purchase this vehicle for $4.99 in-game, and once they had it, they had it permanently. The sleigh was on sale and was available for $0.99. It was also available for free during a Christmas event.


The Sleigh of Awesome is basically Santa's Sleigh with jet boosters and robot reindeer. It is red with golden lining, and is towed by robot reindeer. The reindeer also have jet boosters for their feet, able to actually make the sleigh fly through the power of skill, not magic.


The way the Sleigh of Awesome plays is similar to regular gameplay, hold the screen to fly up, release it to drop. It ascends faster than regular gameplay.

Variations/Upgrades Edit


  • It is the first DLC vehicle.
  • With Flash enabled, having this vehicle gives him reindeer horns and a red nose.
  • When used it will start to snow.
  • This vehicle is the only one alongside the Chinese Dragon to have its own soundtrack. (The Strong Arm Machine (S.A.M.) music is also used while the DJ Barry head is equipped, so it is not unique.)
  • This item is/was on sale (was $4.99, now is $0.99).

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