Spin Tokens Edit

Spin Tokens are used for spins and you can cash out out much you have.

To spin so much, It matters on how much you can collect.

You get Spin Tokens by running!

Spins? Edit

Yes, spins! Spins are used for lots of requirements.

Here are the Jackpots

  • Second chance
  • 1000 money jackpot
  • 500 money jackpot
  • 100 money jackpot
  • double coins
  • MORE SPIN TOKENS (Used for more spins)
  • Atom Blast
  • Big Blast
  • Small Blast

Exchange Edit

(50 coins each) Edit

Exchange is 50 coins each.

It matters how much you collect!

Here's how much you get by selling

  • 1 - 50 coins
  • 2 - 100 (a Jackpot legend!)
  • 3 -150
  • 4 -200
  • 5- 250
  • 6- 300
  • 7 - 350
  • 8 - 400
  • 9 - 450
  • and 10 - 500

You can find out the next by collecting.

Appearance Edit


The appearance is a golden x with a white greenish background (with a little gold)

The appearance is a rare chance 30%

The more you run and your score is, The more you can find and get.

You can find it flying with gold. You get more when Token Gift or Magnetic Tokens are selected in Gadgets and you allways win a prize at the last time when Lucky Last is selected in Gadgeds, but when you get a Second Chance, collect 1 or more spin tokens and Use Up the last one there will be no “Lucky Last” unless you win without it.

Appearance in the "Actually Free" version (Kindle) Edit

The same as the appearance.

Appearance with the Magnet Token (Magnetic) Edit

The same but a solid shape with a magnet on the back.

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