Super Head Start is a utility in Jetpack Joyride. It can skip the first 1500 meters and is 3 times more expensive than the original Head Start.


Tap the Super Head Start icon at the beginning of each game to travel the first 1500 metres. The icon will stay on the screen until you fly till about 70 metres so you can click it at about 65 metres to travel slightly further. You can tap the screen while using the Head Start to make Barry move higher, which can help him collect coins.You cannot earn it through Spin Tokens. Also, when used, the Coin Magnet gadget will be activated until the Head Start is done. After the recent updates (October/November 2016) you now purchase them directly before each of your runs instead of through The Stash, but you can still win packs of 3 or 5 through the Strong Arm Machine (S.A.M.), and Purchase prompt will only be shown if you have more than 750 coins.



  • After gaining 5 Super Head Starts for free from using S.A.M., the message will say 5 Super Head Starts! Gotta go fast!. The last three words mentions the said notable quote from Sonic X.
  • The Head Start doesn't have the Coin Magnet ability, unless the gadget itself is used.
  • Its symbol is a purple head start, instead of the regular blue.
  • Just like the regular Head Start, it will not be affected by vehicle magnets from the Free Ride gadget, because you obtain the vehicle AFTER the 1500m head start ends, but you can still get zapped before you reach it if you're not careful or choose to avoid it completely by flying pass it.

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