Bad As Hog Crazy Freaking Teleporter Gravity Suit Lil' Stomper Mr. Cuddles Profit Bird Wr S.A.M Sleigh of aesome
Bad As Hog Crazy Freaking Teleporter Gravity Suit Lil' Stomper Mr. Cuddles Profit Bird Wave Rider Strong Arm Machine (S.A.M.) Sleigh of Awesome

Vehicles are different modes of transportation provided by gathering Vehicle Pickups, which will give you one of six default vehicles: the Bad As Hog, the Crazy Freaking Teleporter, the Gravity Suit, the Lil' Stomper, Mr. Cuddles or the Profit Bird. In addition to the original six, four more were also made available via micro-transaction in future updates: the Wave Rider, the Sleigh of Awesome, and two from the Back to the Future series: the Hoverboard and the iconic DeLorean Time Machine. You can also upgrade your vehicles in 3 ways: coin magnets, gold plating and special skins (except for the Hoverboard and the DeLorean Time Machine, for which it's possible to buy only the coin magnets).

When a vehicle is obtained or destroyed, a wave of energy will explode from the vehicle, turning off all zappers and exploding or disarming all missiles (as well as blowing away any luckless scientists who happen to be standing nearby). However, no vehicles can be found after reaching 3,000 meters.


The Strong Arm Machine, or S.A.M. for short, is available via picking up 3 S.A.M. tokens. You can pick up all the S.A.M. tokens in a single run or across three different runs. and by using S.A.M. 5 days in a row, you can unlock the special S.A.M. Prizes. For more information, see here.

Flash's Vehicles Edit



If you pick up a vehicle when you have Flash with you, he can join in on the fun by either getting accessories akin to the vehicle pickup (I.E. a little red thruster on his back for the Lil' Stomper) or he'll simply hop in/on the vehicle with Barry.


Magnetization gives the upgraded vehicle the ability to use a larger form of the Coin Magnet gadget. Getting this upgrade is very beneficial to the player, as it lets them focus on dodging obstacles instead of worrying about coins.

  • The vehicle coin magnet radius is much larger than the one Barry has.
  • A Magnet upgrade costs 10,000 coins, which is a very worthwhile investment.

Gold PlatingEdit

The Golden Vehicle upgrade gives your vehicle a golden texture, instead of its usual look. The golden texture shines, giving off sparkles while in use.

  • The Golden Vehicle upgrade costs 10,000 coins.

Special SkinsEdit

The most expensive vehicle upgrades are special skins. These upgrades, such as the Zombie T-Rex for the Li'l Stomper, are upgrades based on other games. Others such as Magnet Man for the Gravity Suit, are original. These upgrades range in cost from 20,000 to 60,000.

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