QuoteopenThis high-tech eyeware is both fashionable and functional. Now you can look inside vehicle pickups and other places you're not supposed to see.Quoteclose

This gadget allows Barry to see what's inside a Vehicle pickup, and also examines Scientists (with the funny effect), Missiles, Spin Tokens, and Flash. Also, there won't be any tall or overweighted scientists when this gadget is equipped due to its ability to reveal them without their clothes.

Special Gadget CombinationsEdit

Displays Edit

  • Scientists: The Outline of a person, the scientists without clothes (except underwear) and text.
  • Missile: An Exclamation mark and text
  • Tumbleweed: a question mark and text.
  • Cow: a question mark and text.
  • Spin Token: An X and text.
  • Vehicle Pickups: Name of Vehicle in front of picture.
  • Flash: A paw print and text.
  • Flying Pig: A $ and text.

Video TrailerEdit

Jetpack Joyride 1

Jetpack Joyride 1.3 - Gadgets Update "X-Ray Specs"

Gallery Edit


  • The X-Ray Specs resemble a scouter from the popular anime, Dragon Ball Z. The scouter in the anime would enable the wearer to scan a life form, much like in Jetpack Joyride. The Scouter design ties in with the Powered Up Hair and Super Suit, both more references to Dragon Ball Z.
  • It has the same name in form of an item in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series.

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